- A record formed from the supposed emanation or exhalation of a moment.

Every experience or event is recorded in our memory through a series of chemical changes within our body. Each of which are directly dependent upon events unique circumstances. Similarly, the process of exposing a light-sensitive sheet of paper to the atmosphere of an event physically and chemically alters its form, forever changing its future state. This work attempts to encapsulate the aura of a moment and capturing the supra-sensuous experience often felt when handling historic objects existent during a certain period in time.

This is not an accurate visual or aural document of an event, but rather a document present during a moment, altered by that moment.  
Differing from a photographic print, separated by glass, then negative, then glass again in the enlarger, the auragraph comes in direct contact with the moment.

Outside of traditional descriptive qualities -visual, aural, or otherwise- the auragraph suggests an unmediated view of the exhalation of a moment.

An auragraph is produced by pulling photographic paper from its light-tight container and exposing it to the elements of a specific moment in time. Upon the passing of that moment the chemically altered sheet of paper is resealed in its container before being processed in a traditional dark room, fixing the altered state of the silver permanently.